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Welcome & incorporation

Welcome & Incorporation 

The ministry of the SJE Welcome & Incorporation Team is to ensure every individual or family who gives us the gift of visiting our church is welcomed warmly by members and staff and invited to be a part of the ministry we share as a faith community. 

A Culture of Invitation

One aspect of the Episcopal tradition of Christianity is our desire to be a community of invitation and not coercion or pressure. That is to say, we recognize that everyone practices the Christian faith differently—and that is OK! Some people are content to attend worship occasionally, others attend every week. Some people are content to attend to their spiritual life on their own, others take advantage of classes, retreats, and guidance from clergy. Some people like to simply attend events at our parish while others want to dive deeply into all aspects of who we are as a church.

Jesus told his followers that all the law and the prophets hang on love of God and love of neighbor. That means it is up to us, as individual Christians, to discern what God is calling us to do to grow in love of God and love of neighbor. The Welcome & Incorporation Team follows a careful process of welcome that helps guide people from being a visitor who might curiously attend a worship service into someone who feels like an active and vibrant part of our church. The Team meets on the First Monday of the month on a quarterly basis (August, November, February, and May) at 5:30pm to review our welcoming and tracking document and also to ask what we need to do or plan to be a place of welcome that truly invites people into our community. If you'd like to join the Team, contact our rector, Fr. Jared Cramer. 


You can also click here to see our current welcome and incorporation process and Team Members can click the link in the Google Document to access the current tracking document. 


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