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Kalaki Unity School

Kalaki Unity School

The Kalaki Unity School is located in one of the poorest undeveloped areas of eastern Uganda. Rev. Chris Ochaloi, Director, began the school as an NGO welcoming children of all faiths and tribes. St. John’s Church helps it improve the quality of life for children in surrounding villages. Many children are orphans (who have lost one parent or more) and are often living with their guardians. The enrollment has reached 170 students and covers Kindergarten through Grade 7.


The needs of the school are great but St. John’s has been able to fund individual projects that are often desperately needed. For example, raising funds to buy seeds, plants, and trees to help supplement their meager food sources. Our most recent sponsorship was to finance the building of a Sick Bay and provide start-up supplies for a full time qualified nurse. Though in the midst of the world’s crisis with the COVID-19 virus, our ministry carried on, and soon the office was built, the cabinet was stocked, and the doors to the St. John’s Sick Bay at Kalaki Unity School opened its doors.


Future plans include providing an option for students to board, to purchase a grinding mill for community members to use, to offer vocational training, and to start an animal husbandry program.

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