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Justice & Outreach

Justice & Outreach
A discipleship path: embracing struggle on behalf of others, equipping one another for the journey, and experiencing God. 

The Justice & Outreach Commission engages in activities supporting St. John’s Mission, Vision, and Plan for the Future, which gives direction for parish Justice Ministries as follows:

  • Though political action is not at the heart of our identity, non-partisan forums on ideas and issues that touch upon the Christian faith are important and should continue.

  • Cultivate our ability as a diverse congregation to find common ground and the skills to talk to each other with respect and compassion.

  • Offer healthy models and training on conflict resolution and peacemaking.

  • Find new ways to engage and welcome the LGBTQIA+ community, being a visible advocate, a healing agent, and proclaiming our understanding of God’s welcome here at our parish.

  • Increase the ecological sustainability of our ministry programs, building, and campus.

  • Work towards full ADA accessibility in all parts of our building and campus.


Additionally, the commission supports existing parish ministries and collaborates with community partners addressing important measures of success of the Church --

  • Are we feeding the hungry?

  • Are we serving the poor?

  • Are we looking out for the incarcerated?

  • Are we resisting evil?

  • Are we fighting for justice and dignity?


To share Christ’s Love in our community, our nation, and our world as part of our parish Justice & Outreach ministry please contact our Commission Chair, Nancy Collins.

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