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'Out here helping the people get their ashes'

Below is an article from the March 7, 2019, edition of the Grand Haven Tribune that references our church.

The sun peaked out behind the clouds and snow ceased as the Rev. Dr. Jared Cramer and Herb Rogers waved at passing cars.

When motorists pulled over, Cramer imposed ashes on their foreheads.

Cramer and Rogers stood along southbound Beacon Boulevard near Robbins Road to provide the opportunity for people unable to attend church services on Ash Wednesday.

Cramer, the rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Grand Haven, has offered Ashes to Go since 2013 as a way to invite people to participate in the Lenten Season. Last year, Cramer and others from his church provided two Ashes to Go stations on Beacon Boulevard. Rogers participated in the location on northbound Beacon Boulevard near Jackson Street.

Rogers noted that Ash Wednesday begins Lent, which he said is a spiritual time for him.

“I just like to be out here helping the people get their ashes that can’t make it to church,” he said.

People passing by waved or honked their car horns as the pair offered Ashes to Go in the morning. An employee from a nearby business offered them coffee and a place to warm up, if they needed it.

As a slight wind picked up, Cramer noted that it may have been one of the colder Ash Wednesdays he’s experienced since he’s been offering the outdoor dispensing. Cramer said the wind chill was at about 5 at the time.

Throughout the day, Cramer also planned to visit residents who were unable to get out of their homes.

Rogers said he’s enjoyed meeting people through Ashes to Go.

“They’re thankful because they can’t get to their own church, and this is a way for them to get ashes on Ash Wednesday,” he said. “It was really very moving last year. I enjoyed it.”

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