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Tri-Cities Climate Strike draws crowd calling for action

Below is a September 21, 2019, article from the Grand Haven Tribune that references our church.

A crowd gathered Friday in Grand Haven’s Central Park to discuss what they could do to help save the planet.

Community members and visitors met during the Tri-Cities Climate Strike to hear about the importance of saving the environment and to share ideas they have in making that a possibility.

“I’m working on my Ph.D. at the University of London, and the awareness and need for action is really high there,” said the event’s organizer, Janet Tyson, a Spring Lake resident.

When Tyson received an email about the Global Climate Strike, she sought out a local event. The closest she found was in Grand Rapids, so she decided to host one closer to home.

“I contacted the rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church of Grand Haven and they were totally onboard from the get-go,” Tyson said.

The Rev. Jared Cramer of St. John’s Episcopal also spoke at the event, encouraging those in attendance to do what they could for the environment.

Attendees, sporting shirts with varied statements about climate change and signs calling for the need to save the planet, were given a chance to share their feelings and personal experiences before breaking up into smaller groups to discuss what each of them could do to help the environment. Tyson gave examples of starting small, such as petitioning local government for changes, including signs telling people to turn off their cars while they are waiting for the drawbridge to open and close to reduce carbon emissions.

“I’m hoping this is an opportunity for people to be more aware, and it would be a public statement of concern or a rallying cry that something needs to happen,” she said.

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